L338's Candles

Welcome to Lee B's hand made candles, 

Luxury candles without the Luxury price tag.

My Candles are vegan friendly as I only use soy and coconut wax, once you have used your candle if you send the Jar back to me i will clean it and refill it with any colour or Frgrance of your choice for half the original price or you can reuse all my Votives as T-Light Holders.

All candles are 1 of a kind and not manufactured in batches please allow 2 working days for disbatch. I can also make to order feel free to message me for more details.

If you don't see the candle,wax melt or fragrance you like drop me a message and i can create it for you. 

Other fragrances available on request.

Please select the correct delivery option for your country/region or the order will not be processed and refunded back to you.

More products coming soon So keep a close eye.

Companys mission is to fill millions of houses with beautiful candles and smells. Also looking to create multi purpose candles so they don't have just one use so real value for money rather than throwing the jar in the bin.

My Main mission is to create a unique customer experiance and open my own shop.




I have recently started making candles at home and enjoyed making them for work colleagues,friends and family. I would like to create the perfect gifts for your loved ones as alot of love and passion is put into making every candle.

I am hoping to one day have a unique store where customers can come order their candle and either watch it being made or come back later to collect for that unique experiance and even hold chandler sessions for people to help make their gift for their loved ones to give it that extra speacial touch.

Requests are also available contact me for more info.